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July 20, 2020
Advanced Training Mannequin head will come with x2 pairs reusable eyelids( No chemical odor,real practice strip)
July 20, 2020
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1PCS Pink Jade Stone Glue Pallet Holder for Eyelash Extensions


The Pink Jade Stone Pallet comes in variations of pink color. It is used as a pallet for eyelash extension glue. The glue cleans off the jade stone with non-acetone if it is cleaned immediately or acetone if the glue has dried hard. Each piece is unique as it is a real jade stone and may not appear exactly as pictured.


This Round and Flat Stone is used as a pallet holder for liquid glue during the assembly of eyelash extensions

It can be used many times and cleaned easily

Size: 2” / 5cm


Color may vary from stone to stone as it is a genuine Jade Stone