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November 28, 2019
Micro Head Precision Volume Tweezers for Professional Eyelash Extension
December 2, 2019
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Diamond Series Laser Cut “Jagged-Root” Perfect Salon Classic Silk 0.07 Thickness 8-15MM Mixed Lengths Tray (16 Lines)


Diamond Series Laser Cut “Jagged-Root” : Just like how friction between car tyres and the road stop skidding, these microscopic laser-processed grooves on Tulip Lashes Laser lash prevent extensions from sliding off from the natural lashes and create a larger bonding area between the extension and the natural lash. The benefits of using laser lash include:

1. 25% longer retention than normal semi-permanent classic mink extensions.
2. Easier application – lash base embossed with laser-cut grooves preventing slide off, improves aftercare.
3. Great for longer lengths and curlier lashes – reduce the chance of lifting from the root, perfect for a long lash look or full hybrid set.
4. Compare to flat lashes, laser lash“Jagged-Root” can be attached by any classic lash technique – best for wrap-on which firmly locks on the natural lash.

8-15MM Mixed Lengths Tray (16 Lines)

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