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November 27, 2019
Precision Volume Tweezers 45-Degree for Professional Eyelash Extension
November 28, 2019
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High Quality Plus Long Tweezers for Volume Lashes


✔High Quality Plus Long Tweezers for Volume Lashes
✔Surgical Grade Stainless steel, curved tip Tweezers, Stainless steel material with surface sandblasting,doesn’t rust,non-slip.
✔The tips high closure, not easy to deformation, and perfect for separating,isolating and picking up tiny eyelashes and Volume Mink Eyelash Extensions.
✔The Curved Tweezers: Good tip hardness, lightweight and offers an exceptionally fine point for precise accuracy. Works well to make fans and grafting volume eyelash extension. When isolating, the curved tip tweezers will give you a nice angle so you do not tense up or strain your wrist.
✔Excellent Workmanship :These high precision pointed tweezers spread the natural lashes making it easier to separate and isolate the desired lash for application.They can be adapted to very fine works in the 0.01mm object in a long contact surface.These tweezers can be used for Dental,Jewelry,Laboratory and the tick of pet.
✔Size: curved tip tweezer length(4.5inch), wide(0.39inch), with protection caps and leather cas.
Color: Gold,Silver