Wholesale Wonderful 5D Russian Pre-made Mega Volume Fans 0.05 (240 Fans)
June 24, 2020
Royal Easy Fast-fanning Lashes 0.05MM Mixed Lengths Tray (16 Lines)
June 26, 2020
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Royal Easy Fast-fanning Lashes 0.07MM Tray (16 Lines)


The Tulip Lashes Easy Fast-fanning lashes have been arranged in a very specific way on the strip that when picked up with a tweezer, immediately makes a fan! Smart Fan lashes are incredible for beginners at volume lashing and those artists who struggle to make or pick up a fan but still want to be able to provide voluminous lashes to their clients. They are SO easy to make! While these don’t take the place of handmade volume and mega volume lash fans, they are a great alternative to using pre-made fans. Smart Fans give you the ability to customize a lash look that you just can’t get from pre-mades, because you can choose the size of fan you pick up each and every time. The bases of Smart Fans attach to nature just like a flat lash. This is perfectly healthy for the lash, and can still give you the great retention you experience with classic and flat lashes.

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